Harley Medical Group

The Harley Medical Group is the leading authority in cosmetic surgery, facial and body treatments, with clinics across the UK. BisonGrid were challenged with revitalising The Harley Medical Group’s outdated website, plus integrating CRM and call management software into the site. The project was previously attempted and then cancelled when it exceeded both time and budget. BisonGrid were able to complete work in just 3 months and to the agreed budget.

Our Brief

The client had a number of website issues that needed to be urgently addressed. The website hadn’t been updated for some time and was in desperate need of a design refresh. In addition, the client wanted to add enhanced features and functionality, to help clients find clinics and make bookings.

From a technical perspective, the current site was not performing well. The old Content Management System (CMS) made adding new content and optimising the website for search engines incredibly difficult. In addition, outdated website software had security and performance issues that were creating a poor user experience and stopping the website from ranking well in Google.

The Solution

BisonGrid evaluated the options based on the required timeline and budget. The solution delivered was a rebuild of the website using the WordPress CMS and custom built ACF (advanced custom field) modules from another website BisonGrid had built for the Group. This would provide the Harley Medical Group digital marketing team with a consistent and easy to use content management system which could be delivered within the requested budget and timeframe.

Working with the Harley Medical digital teams, BisonGrid quickly started rebuilding the site and migrating the existing content to the new site.

During the project, the team added additional requirements to integrate their new CRM system and call management software into the website. This required the rapid development of robust custom API integration. BisonGrid were able to swiftly evaluate the required work and incorporate the additional tasks into the existing project schedule.

The Outcome

The solution built by BisonGrid resulted in a number of positive outcomes for the client:

• significantly increased search traffic and enquiries from the website
• a more effective content management and SEO optimisation process
• a streamlined patient management process.

The Harley Medical Group had previously embarked on a project to achieve these outcomes but unfortunately the project was taking significantly longer than expected and was cancelled.

However, BisonGrid were able to complete the work in 3 months.

Using our experience, we were able to quickly draft and deliver a cost-effective solution. The end solution achieved the initial goal but has also provided a flexible framework for ongoing development and optimisation.

What The Client Says

"I have been working with BisonGrid for over a year now and it’s been an absolute pleasure. It is difficult to get the right fit of an agency to suit your needs and requirements. Tim, Liam, Richard and Dan are responsive in a timely fashion, professional, have the technical expertise and always offer a solution. With some agencies, the answer is ‘no’. BisonGrid go above and beyond to ensure if they can’t help that they propose a solution which is required for a company like Destination Skin and The Harley Medical Group. It’s easy working with them which is a huge bonus. I would strongly recommend BisonGrid for your development projects if you are looking to outsource, partner or grow your website they are definitely the right solution."
Ketki Seth
Digital Operations Manager, Harley Medical Group

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