What is Email Marketing?

April 20, 2017

E-mail marketing is a low-cost method of communication, which uses technology to allow mass distribution of content, which can also be personalised to address specific customer preferences and needs. E-mail marketing provides an important channel for communication that is widely used. This form of marketing directly engages with customers and can be implemented alongside other marketing communications. E-mail enquiries provide a valuable tool for enabling further marketing communications and building direct marketing databases. It works well within the development and use of websites, and encourages a two-way conversation and fast access to information that provides opportunities for customers and business.

The threat of ‘spam’ and fraudulent activity has deterred a growing number of users from entering e-marketing communication for fear of cyber-crime. This has impacted its popularity, but e-marketing remains a very valuable method of acquisition, retention and on-going interaction with  customers, as an important outbound and inbound digital channel for generating awareness, interaction and keeping in touch with customers.  Use of email marketing requires good security management to ensure its effectiveness and develop customer trust and confidence.

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