What is DNS? (Domain Name Servers)

April 20, 2017

DNS creates a directory or ‘phone book’ of domain names, which are managed via IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Computers/devices access web sites on the internet using IP addresses. Names of sites (which are memorable to a human brain) are converted to IP addresses (a series of numbers) which identify each site.

DNS information is continually updated and held at the Central Registry. Host providers and internet service providers constantly interact with the Central Registry to gain up-to-date information. It is vital to access centrally held information, enabling customers and machines to interact and ultimately share content, promote active engagement and interaction, translating to efficient and effective e-commerce. This impacts marketing planning and expenditure on components of the marketing mix to integrate activity, and provide relevant access to and from customers. To ensure a fast browsing experience and good SEO it's vital that your DNS servers are located in the UK, as well as overseas, for UK customers.

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