Register your .UK domain before June 2019

September 14, 2017

Do you own a or domain? If so, you most likely will want to register the .UK domain name now or lose the rights for that domain name.

In June 2014 the .UK registry introduced .UK as a shorter alternative domain name to or When this domain name was introduced any or registered domain would automatically gain the rights to their .UK domain name.

However in June 2019 this is all about to change. If you do not register your .UK domain name before June 2019, the rights for your .UK domain name will be up for grabs to anyone.

If you live outside the UK you cannot apply for a .UK domain, however if you do, you will want to register your .UK domain name before June 2019. After June 2019, If you own but have not registered the rights to, somebody can purchase the rights to and legally compete for your traffic and customers.

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