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18th March 2020
Top 10 Ecommerce CMS 2020

This top 10 Ecommerce CMS list is based of the Ecommerce usage distribution in the top 1 million sites https://trends.builtwith.com/shop in 2020. Graph of Ecommerce Usage Distribution in the Top 1 Million Sites Contents WooCommerce Shopify Magneto OpenCart BigCommerce Squarespace Commerce PrestaShop Wix Volusion Ubercart 1. WooCommerce WooCommerce is the most popular Ecommerce CMS in […]

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28th January 2020
How to Diagnose Website Issues By Clearing Down Browser Extensions

What Are Browser Extensions A browser extension is a small software module for customising a web browser. Browsers typically allow a variety of extensions, including user interface modifications, ad blocking, and cookie management. When Do You Need To Diagnose Issues Using Browser Extensions? Are you having issues when browsing a website? Are page's missing content? […]

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15th November 2019
Why Website Speed is Important

Why Website Speed is Important Website speed matters a big deal, more than you probably think. Especially in Ecommerce. In fact, a 1 second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%. Source Not having a fast website is losing you customers. Just check out this video below by Google […]

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4th September 2019
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Changes

All online transactions taking place after the 14th of September 2019 (unless those transactions are exempted) customers will need to provide extra authentication upon checkout. This is due to new requirements for authenticating online payments being introduced in Europe as part of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Reference This extra authentication provided by the […]

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9th July 2019
How Do I Make My Site GDPR Compliant?

What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation aimed at strengthening data protection for EU citizens. The GDPR extends the powers of the Data Protection Act of 1998 to provide better ownership and control over personal data. It also brings much heavier fines for non-compliance. The GDPR marks the […]

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13th May 2019
Why WooCommerce is the Best

Why WooCommerce is Best 60.7% of all websites that use a Content Management System (CMS), use WordPress. If that statistic alone does not convince you, in this blog we will be explaining from our over 15 years experience in web development as a company, Why WooCommerce is the Best. Great Value WooCommerce comes with the […]

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1st May 2019
What are Transactional Emails (TXN)

Transactional emails are system-triggered automated emails that are sent as a confirmation of an action that has taken place on an app or a website. For example purchase receipts emails, account creation emails, password reset emails, account notifications emails, and social media updates like friend and follower notifications are all examples of transactional emails. Transactional […]

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9th March 2019
How to Clear Browser Cache

What is Browser Cache? Browser cache is a temporary storage location on your computer for files downloaded by your browser to display websites. Files that are cached locally include any documents that make up a website, such as HTML files, CSS style sheets, JavaScript scripts, as well as graphic images and other multimedia content. When […]

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18th December 2018
Ecommerce Website Checklist

Getting things right the first time always helps to create a smooth experience for all parties involved in the process of launching an ecommerce website. It is this reason why we have decided to create this Ecommerce Website Checklist! Contents Product Pages Support Pages Checkout Process Analytics and Tracking Marketing Security Conclusion Product Pages High […]

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