October 2017 Chrome will show a "NOT SECURE" warning for HTTP sites.

August 17, 2017

Starting October 2017, this year, Google Chrome will now display a "NOT SECURE" warning message whenever a user attempts to input data into a form on a HTTP protocol page. This warning will appear for for all HTTP pages and in Incognito mode.

What this could potentially mean for HTTP sites is that customers could lose faith in the trustworthiness of the site they are using and how secure the data they are inputting actually is. This can be a much more serious concern for the customer when inputting confidential information such as bank details into your site and is faced with a warning message stating that the site they are using is "NOT SECURE".

To avoid the upcoming uncertainty of whether or not customers are willing to trust your HTTP site, you can change your HTTP site to a HTTPS site which makes your site use a much more secure protocol when exchanging information and this will prevent Google Chrome from displaying a "NOT SECURE" warning to customers as your site will be trusted by Google because the use of the more secure protocol.

Here at Bison Grid, we provide GEOtrust SSL certificates free with all of our hosted sites which will provide your site with the HTTPS protocol and the peace of mind that your customers will continue to trust your site and brand.

Find more on this topic here: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/10/avoid-not-secure-warn

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