ismybillfair Security & Load Testing

April 30, 2018

ismybillfair is a household bill comparison website, aimed at helping customers save money on energy, mobile SIM, home phone, broadband, breakdown cover, TV, home & boiler care bills.

Bison Grid Ltd were asked by ismybillfair to provide security and load testing in the development phase of the bill comparison website.

We used load testing software and tools to anticipate slow response times and crashes, detect performance issues early and provide an accurate picture of the slowest user’s experience. We also provided security testing to scan the entire site for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). We then used this data analysis to advise our client on security vulnerabilities and performance issues to provide the best user experience possible for ismybillfair users.

We continue to host and work closely with ismybillfair in order to monitor server activities and provide solutions in anticipation to obstacles.

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