How to use FileZilla for SFTP

April 28, 2022

Step 1

Step 2

  • Select the correct client for you operating system and click the download button.

Step 3

  • Run the installer, default options will be fine for most people. 

Step 4

  • Once filezilla is installed launch it and click on the open site manager button.

Step 5

  • Click the new site button.

Step 6

  • Set the protocol to SFTP and set logon type to the appropriate option (usually key file). Then fill the host, port and user field out with the appropriate information.

Step 7 (If using key file logon type)

  • Click the browse button then navigate to and select your key file

Step 8

  • Your site manager window should now look like the one below.
  • If your window looks similar to the above you are now ready to click the connect button.
  • Upon clicking connect the site manager window will close.
  • If you see a similar output to the one below you have successfully connect to a server via SFTP.

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