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11th November 2020
Can WordPress Be Used for Ecommerce?

Can WordPress Be Used for Ecommerce? Yes, WordPress can be used for Ecommerce purposes and is in fact one of the most popular Ecommerce CMS's (Content Management System's) available. There is a caveat however, and this is that the WordPress CMS itself cannot be used for Ecommerce out of the box and will require plugin […]

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10th September 2020
How Can Ecommerce Improve a Business?

1. Wider Audience Outreach In 2020, there are 6.9 billion searches on Google every day. Or a staggering 2.5 trillion searches per year worldwide. source This means there is a huge wealth of untapped customers that you could be attracting to your business, this is not mentioning the other search engines that are available such as Bing. Moreover, with Ecommerce […]

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9th September 2020
WordPress Version 5.5 Broke Your Site?

Why WordPress Version 5.5 Broke Your Site WordPress version 5.5 released on the 11th of August 2020 and broke many sites, potentially including yours. This is because WordPress for the longest time used jQuery version 1.12.4, a version of the library released in 2016 which supports Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. This version of […]

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3rd September 2020
WordPress SEO To Do List 2020 (5 Steps)

Not getting the traffic you would like for your WordPress website? Follow these 5 steps to kick start your website's SEO! 1. Search Engine Visibility The first check you should always perform when beginning your SEO journey is to make sure that the "Discourage search engines from indexing this site" setting is turned off under […]

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2nd September 2020
What Is Schema & Why Does Your Website Need It?

What is Schema? Schema is a powerful tool that can be used to present information from a webpage in a formatted, visually appealing style in search engine results. What Does Schema Look Like? The below image is an example of the "recipe" type schema. In the top search result we can see an image of […]

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19th May 2020
Can Website Owners See Who Visits?

Can Website Owners See Who Visits? Yes, website owners can see who visits their website and often with a great detail of useful information. However, this data is completely anonymous in order to be compliant with many data privacy laws such as the GDPR that protects online users. Therefore online identifiers, including cookie identifiers, internet […]

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7th April 2020
Ecommerce Payment Gateway Comparison 2020

50% of online shoppers would cancel their purchase if their preferred method of payment was not available. Source Therefore when it comes to choosing payment gateways for your ecommerce website, it is important to keep in mind the benefits that each payment gateway brings, not only to your company, but also to the customer, which […]

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23rd March 2020
Best Practices For Web Design 2020

The Facts Did you know it only takes 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) for users to form an opinion about your website? The design of your website should always be up to date to stay in competition with your competitors. If those statistics alone do not convince you, in this blog we will be explaining from […]

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20th March 2020
Average Website Hosting Costs in the UK

Average Website Hosting Costs in the UK Every website needs to be hosted on some type of server in order to become publicly accessible on the internet to users and customers. This is usually accomplished via renting out storage space and computational power from a third party company. There are many different hosting setups you […]

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